Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:41 pm
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Eliza Dushku, explaining to me how to position myself for the picture: "You stand here, and I--I'm gonna come onto you."

me and mr. kilmer

Sep. 21st, 2017 08:52 pm
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Surprise! Val's handler (who is a DOLL, btw), called Emily this afternoon to tell her that Val would be able to see me today. I hadn't brought my books because I didn't think I'd need them, but long story short, I had to run to the hotel and back to be in time for our meeting. I am not in condition to be doing that, btw. My pancreassssssss.

So Emily, my copies of The Kilmer Cure, and I came into Val's room, and he was just there, like it's a normal thing to walk into a room and see Val Kilmer sitting there. He said hi and I said hi, and I handed him a copy of my book. He asked why I wrote it, why him, and when I explained it to him, he seemed genuinely touched. I thanked him for getting me through that rough time in my life, and he took my hand and squeezed it, and just kind of nodded.

He insisted on signing everything. I brought seven copies of the book (it was all I had on hand, and I wasn't sure how many I'd need). I gave one to Val, and he signed the rest:

A couple of the books I had signed for a bookstore in Savannah, and for those he signed them like this:


There was a rose in a vase on his table, and he gave it to me (signing the vase, of course), saying, "Women should have flowers." I am dead. It was amazing. My heart has grown so many sizes.

a very large charge

Sep. 19th, 2017 10:22 pm
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I could totally fix my tattoo like this, right?


Sep. 18th, 2017 11:05 pm
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I was surprised by how okay I was feeling for the first few days of my trip. I was tired af and it's hard and painful to move, but my headaches were not bad at all.

Yeah, that didn't last. The past two days I have had monster migraines. Yesterday, I actually passed out because of the pain. I am derailed and I'm scared it's going to continue and I won't be able to do anything or enjoy myself at all. Come on, health. I deserve nice things every once in a while.

You may remember that my flight home from San Francisco cost more than my mother's round trip, and that's before bags and other add ons. I found another flight for less than half what I paid, so I went to cancel the first flight. Because it was so expensive, I paid for flight insurance, so I figured canceling and getting a refund would be easy.

WRONG. I was unable to cancel through Delta, and when I went to the flight insurance website, I discovered you can only get a refund if you meet one of the pre-approved reasons for not being able to fly. It requires documentation. I had to submit my discharge papers from the hospital, which is wildly intrusive, and they can still reject my claim. Oh, and they will take 10 business days to render a verdict. Meanwhile, the flight I was counting on has doubled in price, so I am, to use a technical term, totally fucked.

Also, Frontier finally responded to my complaint about the assistance they failed to provide me, and they have offered me a $50 flight voucher. Nuh uh. I am going to call and demand that refund the $130 I had to pay in bag fees because they did not provide someone to help me carry them as promised. Fucks sake.

Things will turn out. I hope. How? It's a mystery.

Trick or Treat 2017 Letter

Sep. 18th, 2017 01:34 pm
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Hi trick-or-treater! Thank you for writing/drawing for me. In general, my taste in fiction runs "spooky but not too sad;" that is to say, I like horror, but I'm not a huge fan of downer endings or crapsack universes with no bright side to them. I don't mind sad stuff, but I do like to have it leavened a bit with caring and compassion.

As far as kinks/DNWs are concerned: I'd be happy to recieve stuff rated R and above, so that's not a concern. I love, love, love hurt/comfort and emotional intimacy (i.e. characters spilling their guts to each other, especially if they're usually the more stoic type) so that would be a major plus! I'd say my major squicks are animal death (that is, "onscreen" animal death - if it's just referenced offscreen, it's fine) incest, noncon, and permanent character death. I'd also prefer nothing sexual involving underaged characters, although I don't think that'll come up with any of my requests. I'm also not a big fan of AUs- canon divergence is cool, I'm just not big on coffeeshop-type stuff.

The Exorcist
Tomas Ortega, Marcus Keane, Katherine Rance

First of all: I am ALL THE WAY ON BOARD with Tomas/Marcus. Casefic? Smut? Weird skirting around their feelings while trying to cover it with jokes? Emotionally explosive confessions following a harrowing exorcism? GIMME. I love their mentor/mentee dynamic, and the fact that (as Ben Daniels has said in interviews) Tomas helps Marcus be more "human" than he's allowed himself to be in a long time. I also love that they both really, really want to do right by God, but their definitions of "doing right" come from different places - Tomas is all about social/community service and outreach, but Marcus is such a lone wolf. There's a lot of friction there, but there's also a ton of trust and caring and intimacy (the COLLAR scene, my word) and it's such a layered dynamic to play with.

Second: I requested Kat because one of the things I would have liked to see in season one that we didn't get is a scene of Marcus and Kat connecting - this show is so steeped in Catholicism, and they're the only canon LGBT characters, but we don't really see that explored. Marcus obviously doesn't give that much of a fuck, and we don't know much about Kat's personal life besides her burgeoning relationship with Julia. How do they each feel about their relationship with God? With the church and the Vatican and the Pope? What would they say to each other? We get the briefest glimpse of their dynamic, when Marcus tells Kat he'd never hurt her sister, but that's about it. We also see that Kat is fully prepared to go to extreme lengths to protect her loved ones (she smashed her own knee!) in a way that mirrors how far Marcus is willing to go in an exorcism. So what would they talk about? How would they work together? I'd prefer nothing romantic, but I'd love to see them bond.

Harlots (TV)

Amelia Scanwell, Violet Cross

This is the only canon that I only requested "treat" for, because I honestly can't think of any "trick" plots that could apply. What does apply is basically any expansion on what we see of them in canon - their relationship is very new, and they come from such different worlds, I'm curious to see where it could go. What would Violet think of Amelia's plan to open what's basically a halfway house for harlots? For that matter, how does Violet see her own profession, and how would she explain that to Amelia? How does Amelia herself view their relationship in the context of her upbringing and her faith, and how does she reconcile that? Or you could just write 300 words of them cuddling; that would also be fine!

The Black Tapes Podcast
Alex Reagan, Richard Strand

This is another dynamic where I love the push-pull aspect - Alex is always challenging Strand and pushing him to be more open than he's been in a long time, and Strand wants to deny the supernatural for the sake of his own sanity, but he also really seems to enjoy engaging with Alex when she challenges him. So - casefic? Late-night recording sessions with lots of banter? An investigation that lands them in more trouble than they were prepared for? Something silly and cracky, like Alex finally getting that dog and Strand being baffled by it? Anything!

Lynes and Mathey Series - Amy Griswold & Melissa Scott  
Ned Mathey, Julian Lynes

Casefic is also a big possibility with this one! Basically I love these books and I'd love to get more of the characters and their world in any form I can. Maybe they're out on a case on Halloween and things get spooky? Maybe an exploration of what ghosts look like in this universe, and how that might impact their work? (A victim contacting them from beyond the grave, for instance.) Or just something domestic or smutty or hurt/comfort-y.
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 I made it to Utah! It was grueling. I feel awful. I made arrangements for assistance with the airline ahead of time, but they weren't ready for me anywhere. I specifically requested help carrying my bags, but it was not provided, so we had to spend another $130 at the counter checking our carryons. I had to wait for a wheelchair everywhere; we were asked to wait until all the other passengers deplaned before getting off to give the wheelchairs time to arrive, but every time we would have to walk out to the gate and have one paged. This is just one day I had to endure this disinterest and disrespect; I feel just awful thinking about those who consistently need this kind of help.

The last airport, though, we waited until the plane was empty, then waited while the girl at the gate paged the help I requested days ago, but James, the guy who came with the wheelchair, was awesome. He was gregarious and helpful; when we explained about our luggage, he found a way to take care of it all, and the whole time he acted like he wanted to help us. It was really nice, and I'm going to have to find a nice way to have him recognized.

I went to see one of the NPs at my neurologist's office this morning so I could get some Maxalt refills. This has been an absolute nightmare. About a month ago, I called for some refills and was told I should have enough to get me to the new doctor (February 23, 2018), when I had none. Zero. Zip. I called back and basically cried describing my life to the doctor's voicemail, and since then we have been trying to communicate, but--and this took us a while to figure out--they were calling my parents' house phone, which no one uses, and honestly I don't even know how they got that number, but even asking them over and over and over again not to call any number but my cell phone, I would call and leave a message for them, and they would call the house phone. Yesterday I finally called someone else in the office and explained what was going on, and they worked me in for an emergency appointment this morning. She's nice enough, I guess, even though I got pretty upset trying to explain about Dr. Vogt. She put me on a drug for nerve pain, an NSAID, and a muscle relaxer, which... should be interesting, I guess. I'll try anything. She wrote me some Maxalt, though, so I'm pretty happy.

I feel awful. My body is done. Thankfully, incredibly, the pain in my head wasn't too bad today, but the abdominal pain, and the exhaustion... Well, let's just hope I feel better tomorrow.

One other unrelated, totally minor thing that is stuck in my craw: My recipient for Random Pair Fest 2017 never commented on the story I wrote her. She didn't even hit the kudos button. I know I'm reading too much into it, but I always put that on me: Why didn't she like it? What did I do wrong?

Too much thinking. Time for sleep.

Much love. xoxo

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Yuletide update: Some other people nominated Atomic Blonde, so I used my third nomination for Thunderheart.

Carly update: I'm eating solid food! I'm back to hardly sleeping! I'm drained af and I have pain and I can't seem to drink enough. I have a lot of movement restrictions (I cannot bend over, stretch, reach, or twist. Stairs are hard and walking too much is hard, and it's really hard getting up and down out of beds and chairs.) I have not canceled my trip, and my flight out is Wednesday afternoon. I feel super unprepared. I was going to cut and color my hair to look presentable while I am actually among people for three weeks, but obviously that's off the table. I'm going to try to get my eyebrows shaped at Benefit tomorrow, but it took me an hour to take a shower today, so that may be too ambitious. I was going to do my nails today, too, but I got too tired. I definitely overdid it today; I took a shower and ate three meals and made some phone calls and did some testing for that depression study and wrote a cover letter for my sister. It was too much, but it needed to get done. I have more calls to make; I am going to call the airline to see if they can help me with getting through the airports and carrying my bags and that. I have to call my neurologist for a fifth time; I leave messages, and they respond with messages they leave on the voicemail of a number I've told them repeatedly not to use (isn't that a HIPAA infraction?), so we have yet to speak in person, and when they call, it's like they haven't even listened to my messages. They left a message today telling me they have an appointment for me next week, when my messages say I will be across the country then. I'm very frustrated. I have no headache pills, and my doctor advised me to be sparing as possible with the toradol because of my gut. I suffer without drugs, but the pain never breaks, not even when I sleep. I am terrified of three weeks of trying to spend time with my family and my BFF and do things while feeling like my skull is crushed.

Hoping for the best! I would prepare for the worst, but that is not an option I have right now. Onward!

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